Services Our services for you.

             Interior design

             Painting & renovation work

             Painting & filling techniques, designer wallpaper & wall design

             Painting & varnishing work

             Plaster & filling work

             Installation of floorings, carpets, PVC, laminate, parquet as well as tiles

             Floor coating & painting

             Drywall construction

             Timber & building protection

             Rotting protection & timber impregnation

Individual planning

Together with yourself, we make thoughts about the design of your rooms as these characterise the surroundings where you want to feel comfortable every day. Using design accents on the walls and ceilings, attractive painting techniques and aesthetical floorings, we give a new splendour to your rooms.

Comprehensive painting & renovation work

With effective paintwork, creative techniques and respective renovations, we give your rooms a touch of individuality.

Creative interior design

We design your rooms with individual, pleasant painting techniques, designer wallpapers, impressive wall design and aesthetical floorings.

Own contributions

Naturally you can provide your own contributions in order to reduce your costs, we will assist you with the planning and implementation.


If our services are not able to completely cover your desires, we work together with different companies and partners who also have interest in implementing your desires to your satisfaction. Talk to us


When you are relaxing on holiday, we will deal with your order, down to the final cleaning work.